World's First A.I. Elf

Watch Videos of the GPT-3 powered Elf in action

Full Interview

Click to watch the full interview with the Elf. Find out all about sleeping outside, wearing reindeer fur, and Elf's secret conversations behind Santa's back! 

Lasater Interview

Kam Lasater interviews the Elf to dig into the secrets of the naughty and nice list. Elf throws out a very interesting way to think about it!

Kids Questions

Kids ask a lot of questions about Santa. We don't have him around to ask, so we put their questions directly to A.I. Elf to see what answers it would come up with!

Your Questions

Who is burred at in Grants Tomb? What do you think about Santa and his labor practices? Do elves ever get to ride on Santa’s sleigh? And are they jealous of Rudolph having his own song? Will I double my business next year?

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