Technical Recruitment

Unlike traditional recruiters, we are engineers helping other engineering teams find all-star candidates. We use our knowledge and technology to give our clients an unfair advantage in building their teams. (full video)

Outbound Sourcing 

We continually invest in building our own cutting-edge technology to get in-front of the right candidates even before they are thinking of changing roles. Using our proprietary platform we analyze a role, algorithmically and manually target specific candidates that are the best fit, and connect with candidates around relevant roles that bring value to their career growth. 

Inbound Sourcing

We have operated many highly regarded niche technology focussed job boards since 2006. With over a decade plus of data, experience, and connections we can directly promote your position to tens of thousands of candidates that have signed up for career alerts and job opportunities.

Our Scientific Approach

Role Definition

Specifying the attributes of a role is critical in defining who will thrive in their new position. In the interview process, attributes prompt interviewers with relevant questions and topics to better evaluate candidates.

Performance Metrics

Closing the loop on the activities performed by the team maximizes visibility into the sourcing process and ensures everyone on the team is focussed on the most important tasks

Data Science

We gather a vast amount of information that we can use to better fit the match between candidates and possible roles. We use data science and machine learning to support your hiring goals

Quantitative Improvement 

Through quantifiable metrics we can ensure that we are constantly improving on our focus around delivering the best candidates for the client team.

Client Testimonials

Steve and his team are a pleasure to work with, by providing both hiring strategy and dedicated outreach they connect us with a top-tier caliber of Candidate.

Greg Lee, VP Engineering

They’ve done a stellar job with their approach to rapidly iterate their algorithms and increase their hit rates of highly qualified candidates for us, each week we were engaged.

Boris Bogatin, CEO


Candidate Testimonials

Steve’s chat with me has been very professional, informative, helpful, and even enlightening. Also, coming from an academic background, I found Steve to be relatable due to his EE and cognitive neuroscience backgrounds. Steve genuinely seems to look out for and accommodate the recruit’s well-being as well as fit into prospective company. — Anuar J.

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